CONGRATS! Berry Engaged to Martinez

Actress Halle Berry is engaged to actor Olivier Martinez according to MSNBC.

CONGRATS! Berry Engaged to Martinez

Olivier Martinez & Halle Berry (Photo by David Livingston for Getty Images)

A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan confirmed that Olivier gave Halle a diamond-and-emerald engagement ring.

The only curious thing is that Halle publically stated on an episode of Oprah in 2004, “I will never marry again.  I mean it with every bone in my body.”

We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Editor’s Note:  As of January 12, 2012, TMZ is reporting that the ring given by Olivier Martinez to Hally Berry was not an engagement ring.

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CONGRATS! Berry Engaged to Martinez


  1. Stephanie says:

    Never say never cuz it is a LONG time!

  2. Mac says:

    Well, I guess her heart has shown to have a greater forcer than all of her body bones put together! :) Congrats to both!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Well, I said that too after my two marriages – and my third husband is the love of my life. We say how we feel at the time. 2004 was 8 years ago, a lot can change. Show me a person who hasn’t changed their mind about one thing or another.

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