SQN Events: Jewish Mom Thankful for Christmas

On December 25, seven years ago, I received the best Christmas gift a nice Jewish girl from NJ could ask for:  my son, Jason.

Having a birthday in December is tough.  Even though we’re Jewish, Jason’s birthday often overlaps with Chanukah and our house began to look like a mini Toys R Us after his first few celebrations.

SQN Events: Jewish Mom Thankful for Christmas

Happy Holidays from Beth Bernstein (Photo by Bellisima Photography)

My husband and I have taught our children from day one that giving to those less fortunate than you is the best gift you can give – to yourself and to others.  When Jason was turning four, we gave him a choice.  Either he could have a small party with just a few of his closest friends and get to keep the gifts he would receive, or have a large celebration and donate all of the gifts to children who needed them more than he.

I am proud to say that at the young age of (not even) four, he decided on the latter.  He is incredibly inclusive and well-liked, and did not want to have to choose among his friends.  And he told me, “Mom, really – I have enough toys.  I want to give them to sick kids.”  Did I mention he was only four at the time?

So, that year and every year since, we ask his guests to bring an unwrapped toy or book instead of a gift for Jason.  After the party, we head over to Children’s Memorial Hospital to hand over the loot to the kids.  I think Jason feels a bit like Santa Claus.

Beth Bernstein is Owner and President of SQN Events.  To read more about what Beth has to say, read her blog or follow her on twitter and friend her on facebook or give her a call at (773) 469-6095.SQN Events: Jewish Mom Thankful for Christmas

Written by SQN Events

For nearly a decade, Beth handled multi-million-dollar accounts for some of Chicago’s top advertising agencies. Her keen eye for design and attention to detail allowed her to stand out in pleasing both clients and bosses. In 2009, Beth launched Sine Qua Non: Special Events. Sine Qua Non comes from the Latin phrase “indispensable or essential ingredient.” And this exactly what Beth is to the couples she guides through the wedding process! Beth is also Co-Founder and Event Director of Greatest Destinations Weddings.

Beth is a contributor to TIP TUESDAY on theBrideScoop where she gives fabulous wedding advice. Call Beth to schedule a bridal consultation at (773) 469-6095.

SQN Events: Jewish Mom Thankful for Christmas


  1. Wow! Great parenting job, Beth!

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