Sexpert: Guys Like Tight Spaces

Guys like tight spaces ~ one reason they are attracted to anal sex so much.  If you’re not the kind of woman who’ll let him touch the exit sign, that’s perfectly fine but you better make sure your enter sign is not a French double door.  No one likes a loose vagina!  It’s not good for the man and it’s certainly not good for the woman.  Neither can feel as much stimulation if it’s like a pinball machine down there.  What can you do?

Sexpert: Guys Like Tight Spaces

Keep It Tight! (Photo from

Kegel exercises will help your lady friend beyond belief.  If you haven’t tried it out, let me explain it for you.  You know that feeling when you pee and you’re pushing?  Well, your vagina opens every time you do this and it is considered flexing, which is similar to what those guys do in the mirror at the gym.  The second part is contracting and I consider this phase the “stop peeing” part.  When you stop peeing, you contract your vaginal muscles and you’re virtually sucking in the vagina.

Try it.  Repeat ten seconds flexing, ten seconds contracting, doing this about five times.  The Mayo Clinic suggests that you repeat at least ten times a day.  Trust me, no one even knows you’re doing it so if you’re bored at work, tighten your twat!  Watching TV… tighten your twat.  On an awful date… tighten your twat.

It makes a world of a difference and you can thank me later, doll!  In fact, you’ll practically be a virgin again in no time.

With love and a little bit of naughtiness,
Your Sextraordinaire Krystal

Written by Sexpert Krystal


  1. David Himmel says:

    A French double door? Wonderful metaphor. Who wrote this?

    • tBS Editor says:

      Hi David ~

      Our resident sex kitten ~ Krystal! As she says, “With love and a little bit of naughtiness.”


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