Short & sweet tip today: If you have to write “and guest” on the invitation to a friend or family member because either:

1)  That person does not have a significant other
2)  You have never even heard the supposed significant other’s name before (let alone met them)

do not invite them with a guest.  Easiest way to cut down your guest list.


Skip The "And Guest" (Photo from www.somewhereintimecalligraphy.com)

On your wedding day, you should be surrounded by people that love you and care about you, and who have made an impact on your lives in some way.

Do you really want to walk down the aisle, gaze into the rows, and think, “Who is THAT?”

I didn’t think so.

Beth Bernstein is Owner and President of SQN Events.  To read more about what Beth has to say, follow her on twitter and friend her on facebook or give her a call at (773) 469-6095. TIP TUESDAY: Plus One

Written by SQN Events

For nearly a decade, Beth handled multi-million-dollar accounts for some of Chicago’s top advertising agencies. Her keen eye for design and attention to detail allowed her to stand out in pleasing both clients and bosses. In 2009, Beth launched Sine Qua Non: Special Events. Sine Qua Non comes from the Latin phrase “indispensable or essential ingredient.” And this exactly what Beth is to the couples she guides through the wedding process! Beth is also Co-Founder and Event Director of Greatest Destinations Weddings.

Beth is a contributor to TIP TUESDAY on theBrideScoop where she gives fabulous wedding advice. Call Beth to schedule a bridal consultation at (773) 469-6095.


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